Sedgemoor Conservation Volunteers

  • Conservation Volunteering Somerset Levels
  • Birch Clearance At Westhay Nature Reserve
  • Scrub Burning Westhay Volunteers Work Day

We are a group of volunteers who carry out practical conservation work on local nature reserves. We are a mixed group of people of all ages and backgrounds. We encourage the help of people working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme qualifications.

Where Do We Work?

Most tasks take place in the Somerset Levels, but occasionally we work in other areas within Sedgemoor and Mendip District Council boundaries.


Habitats are under threat from many sources – development, intensive agriculture, pollution etc. Nature reserves have therefore been created to provide havens for our endangered wildlife.

But This Is Not Enough!

Frequently these protected areas need to be managed to maintain their diversity and value to wildlife. For example, shallow ponds and ditches need to be cleaned intermittently to prevent them becoming choked with vegetation. Woody scrub and willow need to be coppiced or pollarded occasionally to extend their life.

Sedgemoor Conservation Volunteers exist to help with this type of necessary management work on Sedgemoor’s nature reserves.

What’s In It For Me?

  • Meet new friends
  • Have a day out in the beautiful Somerset countryside
  • Learn new skills and more about our wildlife
  • Discover areas of Sedgemoor you may never have seen before A chance to do something different and rewarding for the benefit of wildlife and the environment

Who Do We Work For?

Mostly for the Somerset Wildlife Trust on their nationally important wetland reserves at Catcott Heath and Westhay Moor, but also other reserves not open to the public.

Other clients include Natural England (formerly English Nature and The Countryside Agency) at Shapwick Heath, Butterfly Conservation, the RSPB, PlantLife International, Sedgemoor District Council and some private charity trusts and reserves.

We try to include as much variety of habitat and location in out programme as possible, depending on seasonal demand.